Q: Where Are These Assets From?

ANSWER: We specialize in assets that are dormant for approximately three years. These assets originate from many different sources which include bank accounts, mutual funds, stocks, bonds, dividends, life insurance policies, CD’s, trust funds, escrow accounts, un-cashed checks and inheritance money to name just a few.

Q: I Received A Phone Call Or A Letter In The Mail About Assets That May Belong To Me. How Can I Be Sure This Is Real?

ANSWER: In today’s world, you are wise to question the validity of any person asking questions about your finances or personal security information before moving forward with them. The best way to determine if the company or person you’re dealing with is legitimate is to check their credentials. Does the person have any advanced education, professional certifications, or state licensing to provide this service to you? Is the Company registered with the Better Business Bureau? Does the Company have positive testimonials about their service? Additionally, if the Company asks for money upfront, you should question their motives. With a legitimate company, there is no reason to require upfront cash to pursue the claim for your lost assets. The Reese CPA Firm will never ask you for any upfront money. The Reese CPA Firm will advance any out-of-pocket expenses in substantiating your legal right to the assets and will even consult and retain an attorney if necessary.

Q: Why Wasn’t I Notified Of This Lost Money?

ANSWER: Many of these Companies do their minimum due diligence requirements which is limited to notifying the owner listed on these accounts by sending a postcard to the last known address of the account holder and/or publishing a notice in selected newspapers. Although this brings forward a number of owners, the overwhelming majority of the accounts remain unclaimed.

Q: Why Should I Hire You To Help Me?

ANSWER: The Reese CPA Firm contacted you to notify you that you may be entitled to these lost assets. We do research in locating and verifying these assets. By the time we contact you we have already been working in your best interest at no charge because we know how valuable you will find this financial information.

Once you know the assets exist, the work has just begun. There are many requirements that must be followed in order to prove your entitlement to the assets. The holder of the asset has no interest in returning to you the assets as they get to keep and use the money until a claim is submitted. The Reese CPA Firm will help you navigate the labyrinth of information needed, and it may prove to be a wise financial decision for you. Uniting owners with their lost assets is what we do best.

Q: How Much Does It Cost To Recover My Assets?

ANSWER: The Reese CPA Firm will pay out all costs and collect nothing if your assets are not successfully recovered. Assuming that we do recover your assets, here is a breakdown of how we get paid. First, there is the agreed upon fee for the service which is typically 10% of the asset collected, paid upon successful recovery of the assets. Second, depending on the complexity of the case, there may be additional costs and fees such as probate costs, court administrative fees, lost instrument bond, attorney fees when necessary, newspaper publication notices, due diligence fees, etc, which are advanced by the Reese CPA Firm to pursue the claim in a timely manner. These expenses are charged to the client only upon successful recovery of the asset.

Q: How Long Does It Take To Recover The Assets?

ANSWER: There are a number of factors that determine recovery time. The complexity of the claim, the amount of the claim, and the various levels of claims approval, all affect recovery time. It can be as short as a month or as long as one year or more. The Reese CPA Firm will update you with the status of your claim as information becomes available. The Reese CPA Firm is committed to expediting your claim as soon as administratively possible. Since we are paying all of the upfront recovery costs you can be assured we want to recover your assets as quickly as you do.

Q: Is An Attorney Ever Required?

ANSWER: Most of the time an attorney will not be needed to file a claim. We can perform the entire recovery process without the assistance of an attorney. However, in some jurisdictions, attorneys are required because a formal motion to the district court is required to pursue the claim. The attorney can also request a judge’s order to release the money. In the event that we do consult our attorney, the Reese CPA Firm will advance all the expenses and will collect the additional fees only after your claim has been successfully recovered.