Mark Reese, CPA approached me about obtaining payroll tax credits for our College.  I had previously heard about the Employee Retention Tax Credit program but was not sure how to go about pursuing the payroll tax credit. 
Mark Reese, CPA explained to us that even if our College did not qualify based on the Gross Receipt Revenue reduction requirements, our College could still qualify for the tax credit if the College could show that the College’s operations were negatively impacted by the Covid Government Orders.
Mark worked with our financial team to gather the payroll information and prepared the Payroll Tax Credit Schedules and Eligibility Statement of the College to receive the Employee Retention Tax Credit.  I am happy to report that our College received full payment in cash of the payroll tax credit within five months’ time. 
I would recommend Mark Reese, CPA of the Reese CPA Firm to any business or non-profit that is considering applying for the Employee Retention Tax Credit.

Vidar Lee Byberg - College President Asheville, North Carolina
I would like to thank you Mark for your diligent efforts and success with getting me the funds I didn’t even realize I had coming. Although I was skeptical at first, your professionalism is what swayed me to move forward. I would recommend to your potential clients to put there trust in you. Thank you again.
Mitch M

My sister and I would like to thank you again for all the help that you’ve done for us. We would also like to thank you for helping our cousin Corey and all the extra help that you’ve done for us. May God Bless You And Your Family.

Teresa R. and Tina A. - Minneapolis, MN

Mark Reese contacted me 9 months ago about some funds owed to me.  I didn’t think there was any money owed to me as I have not saved or invested any significant amount of money.

Despite being skeptical, I met with Mark. He showed me his CPA credentials and client testimonials.  He was professional and trustworthy, so I decided to hire him.  A day later Mark contacted me and asked, “Who is Fatuma?” I told him that she is my mother.  She had cancer and moved back to Ethiopia so she could be buried in her homeland.

It turned out that my mother had left me a TCF bank account and did not tell me about it.  I didn’t have my birth certificate or my mother’s death certificate, so I had to contact my family in Ethiopia to get an official birth certificate for me and a death certificate for my mother from the Government of Ethiopia to prove that I was the correct owner of the funds.

I am so pleased that Mark Reese, CPA contacted me about these funds.  I recently received a check for more than $35,000 and I am going to pay off my mortgage with it.

Eydarus H - Crystal, MN

Thank you so very much for the work you have done for all of us. I wish you the best for this year. You are awesome!

Susan S., Michelle M., Shannon N. - Stillwater, MN

When Mark Reese first contacted me about “missing assets,” I was extremely skeptical. I assumed it was a scam or a phishing attempt, along the lines of the “Nigerian prince” and similar ploys. I was abrasive and even rude, but Mark remained professional throughout, and in the end I yielded to his polite but firm persistence.

As a result, I discovered that over $10,000, which I had thought safely stashed in an inactive savings account had been taken. If not for Mark, I would’ve completely lost this legacy from my grandfather, and been none the wiser – until the day I attempted to claim it, and found it was gone.

Thanks to Mark, I regained my $10,000 (plus interest); and this happened at a time in my life when the money was desperately needed.

All I can tell others is: if Mark reaches out to you, LISTEN TO HIM and TRUST him! You will benefit immeasurably. Mark is the real deal; and I’m more grateful to him than I can say.

Christopher G - Long Beach, CA

Dear Mark,
I want to thank you for your work on my behalf that recovered thousands of dollars in lost assets for me. You were persistent in reaching out to me and I admit that I was unwilling to listen to you the first time you called! but you did an enormous amount of work on my behalf and the result is amazing. The money you found isn’t Bentley money, but it is definitely replace-my-old-Honda-Fit-and-have-some-left-over money. Thank you for your persistence and integrity.

Sincerely yours

Katherine L. St. Paul, MN
My wife Barbie and I wanted to express our deep appreciation and gratitude for your professional assistance in obtaining $86,000 of assets of ours that were lost.  Your transparent and caring approach to the whole process gave both my wife and I a great deal of comfort. Your sense of trust and honesty combined with managing our expectations is why I would highly recommend your fine service to whomever may have an interest.

Best of luck and continued success.

David P. - Eden Prairie, MN
My siblings and I would like to thank you for discovering some financial assets our Mom had that we were not aware of after her passing. If you hadn’t found them they would have remained unaccounted for by us. This is my endorsement of the work that you do.
Terry H - Maple Grove, MN
Mark Reese contacted us regarding funds he discovered that was owed to us from a refinancing transaction when home mortgage rates had dropped in the late 90s.

While admittedly, I was skeptical at first, we met with Mark who shared his passion for recovering lost funds for individuals, why he had access to this information and his certification to perform such transactions. This, in addition to Mark’s professionalism, gained the confidence we needed to proceed.

Mark set expectations with us about the recovery process including the likelihood of receiving the funds, timing and his fees for finding and recovering these funds.  We’re happy to report that all was executed flawlessly and successfully received monies owed to us.

Please feel free to share this information with others.  We are happy to speak with anyone about our experience.

Thanks again!

Dave and Melinda J. - Eden Prairie, MN
This letter is a reference to provide testimony for the excellent and professional assistance given to us by Mr. Mark Reese, CPA.

We were aware of monies outstanding but never really pursued them for various reasons.  One day we received a call from Mr. Reese offering his services. We were wary at first, (as anyone should be) with all the scamming and hoaxes occurring these days, but we took the chance to meet him in a public place, as he requested.

We found him to be professional, engaging, honest, and genuine. He provided credible testimonials, a very reasonable fee quote and personal experience as to why he started his business. We were impressed by his candor and decided to take a chance. We were not at all disappointed.

Mr. Reese took care of contacting the appropriate authorities, completing all the necessary documents, etc., and kept us informed. It did take some time, but the available monies came at a most opportune time. We are eternally grateful for the expertise, loyalty, and assistance Mr. Reese provided.

We would not hesitate to recommend his services to anyone!

Dr. Arthur L. and Mary Ann B. - Edina, MN

I would have never guessed the existence of the lost funds Mark Reese found for me, but sure enough, it was there. The process was seamless and secure and I received a check in the mail within 90 days.

Jay T. - Eden Prairie, MN

Mark Reese reached out to me and told me that he had found money that belonged to me. I was curious so we met. I was very excited and thankful and I was willing to give him a percentage of what he found for me because he had found it and was willing to help me get it.  He is a very nice person and helped me through the whole process. I am grateful for his knowledge and sincere care to help others to get their money. I recommend him highly and believe if it can be found, Mark will make it happen.

Best success,

Lady Jayne F. - Zimmerman, MN
One Saturday in May 2017 I received a phone call from Mark Reese stating that he helped people collect assets and my wife and I had funds that he wanted to help us collect.  I was curious and also suspicious.  Our funds involved a former real estate business that we operated prior to the crash of 2008 and he knew of specific details that led me to trust that it wasn’t a scam.  Our funds were from an insurance settlement on a damaged property and the check was payable to two different banks and our business (that was no longer in operation).  Over the next two years, we (mostly Mark) had a number of hoops to jump through in order to prove that we were entitled to receive the funds.  First, we had to determine which property the insurance settlement was intended, then we had to prove we owned the business previously.  One of the banks had gone into bankruptcy and no longer existed and the other bank had been purchased by a larger bank.  Mark worked tirelessly to determine what documentation was needed, how to obtain it and presented it, which I am happy to say our claim was recently approved and we received a check in excess of $58,000.

Mark is extremely knowledgeable in this arena and as I mentioned early, worked tirelessly, never losing hope striving for the end result.  I would highly recommend his services.


Dean S. - Cook, MN
Mark Reese and his firm came to our company unexpectedly.  We were unaware of any misappropriated funds that were due to our company from years past.  Mark brought these to our attention and offered his services to collect these claims on our behalf.  It was an easy decision on our part, with the benefit that Mark’s firm would be doing all of the work and we had no obligation to him unless he collected the funds.  It was a pleasant surprise when Mark brought us a check we never expected.  Mark was very professional and extremely experienced in his field.  I would certainly recommend Mark to any company or individual who may need these services.
Peter Vos - CFO - Business Impact Group - Chanhassen, MN

I would like to strongly recommend the Reese CPA Firm to help find your lost assets. Mark Reese does an excellent job connecting missing assets with their rightful owners. Mark Reese is both highly ethical, and extremely dependable. Mark Reese can be relied upon to give you accurate, helpful information. I would not hesitate to recommend him to any of my clients.

Very truly yours,

Robert S. Halagan - Attorney At Law Halagan Law Firm - Buffalo, MN

Mark Reese, of the Reese CPA firm, found lost money which was owed to me from an old MasterCard rebate program which I had long forgotten about. We were excited to see the check arrive in less than a week. Mark Reese is professional and you can trust him to safeguard your confidential information. I recommend his CPA money finding service to you. He made it so easy for us to recover our money.


Tom V. - Eden Prairie, MN

We received the check yesterday.  The siding is already done on our house. This insurance claim money you collected for us will really help. I will send the check for your fees to you promptly.  Thanks for all your help with this. We really do appreciate it.

Joann Z. - Otsego, MN

Mark Reese, CPA of the Reese CPA Firm provided my husband and I a service to retrieve money that was owed to us. The amount that Mark Reese found was an old PayPal Deposit on an account tied to an email that we had closed years ago. We were amazed that we had a check in our hands for the lost money in less than a week. Mark Reese is an honest and professional CPA. I would not hesitate to recommend Mark Reese’s Money Recovery Service to you.


Jan A. Lino Lakes, MN

Thank you again for looking into this.  It came at the right time.

God Bless

Penny S. - Savage, MN

I thank you and your CPA firm very very much for finding my check that was sent to the wrong address. Good Work!

Cory W. - Minneapolis, MN
When Mark Reese first contacted me regarding some old 401k assets, I assumed this was a scam to get money from me, but after finding his website and doing a bit of internet research, I decided to respond.

Mark was very patient and answered all my questions as he explained his profession of forensic accounting and how he recovers assets for people.  He gained my trust and I’m so glad, his diligence recovered $38,000 that I didn’t know was mine.

I’d recommend Mark to anyone who needs this type of service.

Margo A.
Rockford, IL

Margo A. Rockford, IL
Mark did a great job for me. Found a large sum of money that I had no idea was there. He was quick and efficient, and his fee was more than reasonable. On top of all that he is a great person and easy to work with. Thank you Mark for all of your help. I couldn’t have asked for an easier experience.

David D.
Alamosa, CO

David D. Alamosa, CO
Mark – We spoke last week about helping me with my Father’s Estate in Texas. You allowed me to share all the info about my Father’s poor fate and my quest to find his JP Morgan assets. Knowing that you couldn’t provide your CPA service to me, you still took the time to help a complete stranger. One who is grieving her beloved Father. You are the epitome of what we need more of in this world. Thank you for your time, kindness, and generosity. I send you all the best in your future business and to a long, healthy and prosperous life!

Heather Z.

Dallas, TX