Child Support – Find Lost And Unclaimed Child Support Payments

The Federal Child Support Enforcement Program, a partnership between CSE and state child support offices, establishes and enforces court orders for financial and medical child support payments.

Collections tools available include Federal Income Tax Refund Offset, which redistributes income tax refunds due delinquent parents to custodial parents.

Over the years the states have collected nearly $100 billion in court-ordered child support payments for distribution to custodial parents. It is estimated collected but undistributed child support payments and checks that were sent but not cashed now totals over $750 million.

Federal legislation requires states to create a regulation on how to handle child support payments in which the parent can’t be located. In many states child support may be used to balance state budget or cover administrative costs. It is imperative, therefore, that parents due uncollected and undistributed child support take prompt action to recover these funds.

If you believe you may be entitled to a missing or unclaimed child support contact us for an appointment.