Where Others Don’t See Opportunity, We Look Again And Find It.

Many of the 40 million people who move to a new address each year neglect to update their important financial records. This leaves their investment accounts at risk of loss. The Reese CPA Firm’s proactive owner outreach enables owners to recover their assets that may have otherwise been lost.

The Reese CPA Firm reunites banks with their customers, helps corporations reconnect with lost shareholders, and locates beneficiaries of life insurance policies. The Reese CPA Firm uses the most sophisticated search technology and robust data sources—delivering the highest success rates.

With The Reese CPA Firm, You Will Receive:

  • Services from an experienced CPA with extensive asset recovery knowledge
  • Customized programs and procedures designed to work within your individual needs
  • An accelerated claims process
  • Dedication to your personal objectives with prompt service and a thorough resolution to all your problems and questions.

Interested in learning more about our services? Speak with Mark Reese, CPA at (952) 451-3092 or email us at MarkReese@ReeseCPAFirm.com