Tax Credits Available for New Businesses

Are you an entrepreneur looking for capital to grow your startup business? The Recovery Start-up Business Program, part of the Employee Retention Tax Credit, offers a lifeline of financial relief for new businesses. Designed to support businesses during challenging times, the Recovery Start-up Business Program has simplified eligibility criteria for start-ups and can be navigated with expert assistance.

Understanding the Opportunity

The ERTC Recovery Start-up Business Program was introduced as part of the COVID-19 relief measures, but many Recovery Start-ups may be unaware of their eligibility. Eligible employers can receive up to $7,000 per quarter, per employee, for Quarter 3 and Quarter 4 of 2021, up to a maximum tax credit of $50,000 per quarter, for each quarter, refunded in cash.

Eligibility for Recovery Start-up Businesses

A business that qualifies as a Recovery Start-up has a start date after February 15, 2020, and less than $1 million in sales per year. These businesses have a simplified path to the ERTC. Compared to regular provisions, these businesses face fewer restrictions, making it easier to qualify and benefit from the tax credit. The statute of limitations for claiming the ERTC has been extended to four years, providing ample opportunity to rectify any missed opportunities.

Expert Assistance

The Reese CPA Firm specializes in helping businesses navigate the requirements and qualifications of this credit. We identify eligible organizations, ensure compliance, and maximize the benefits of the ERTC.

Benefits of Using a CPA Firm

Working with an ERTC tax consulting firm provides numerous benefits. We guide businesses through the application process, identify eligible employees, calculate the maximum credit amount, and assist with documentation.

Seizing the Opportunity

Recovery startups that overlooked the ERTC can still seize this valuable opportunity. By exploring eligibility and working with an ERTC tax consulting expert, businesses can access financial relief and optimize cash flow.

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